Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN GW Mens Freeride Touring Boots

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Legendary status can only be achieved through years of consistent greatness. For over a decade now, the Cochise franchise has continuously raised the bar in the hybrid ski boot category. Bringing Tecnica’s proven fit-and-performance-above-all ethos to the walking world, the Cochise 130 is a full-gas 4-buckle alpine boot combined with the versatility and walkability of a touring boot. The C.A.S. shell and liner provide for the best out-of-the-box fit and industry-leading customization capabilities for those whose feet just need a little more work. A reimagined T-Ride walk mechanism adapts the tried-and-true tech from our Zero G line to be more freeride-oriented for maximum downhill performance and exceptional walkability. Whether you’re slinging the sticks over your shoulder for a short boot up the ridge or setting out on an all-day mission, the Cochise 130 is the go-to boot for freeriders, ski patrollers and high-performance alpine skiers alike who need one boot to do it all, in-bounds and out.

Customization Liner: C.A.S.

Customization Shell: C.A.S.

Soles: ISO 23223 GripWalk, Vibram® - Low tech inserts

Shell: Polyurethane - Quick Instep

Cuff: Polypropylene - Back Spine Carbon Co-injected

Liner: HIGH PERFORMANCE - Full C.A.S. - C.A.S. instep - Floating Tongue - Recco® - with laces

Buckles: 4 Light buckles - Hiking position

Spoiler: Velcro Spoiler

Powerstrap: 45 mm strap - Power Lock

Gripwalk: Pre-mounted

Extra Features: Rubber Arch Grip, Free Move hinge points

Forward Lean: 12,5°

Ramp Angle: 3,7°