Sidas Ski Comfort Socks

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Product benefits
The Ski Comfort anatomical ski socks are designed to provide comfort all day long while skiing. By wrapping your feet in soft, recycled fibres, the Ski Comfort socks protect sensitive parts of your feet, such as the toes, heel and shin, with specific padding in these areas. A special knitting method has been used to increase the thickness of the socks in localised zones and improve cushioning.

Organic merino wool and recycled polyamide are recycled fibres that have been used to make these ski socks, ensuring that the socks are environmentally friendly while taking care of your feet. Their moderate tension and thickness have been designed to ensure that the socks fit both your feet and your ski boots perfectly.

The In & Out construction of the socks avoids any thread cuts or over-layering of material inside the socks, thus increasing comfort and improving the sensations inside your ski boots. Finally, the merino wool used in these socks ensures warmth and moisture evacuation, providing optimal breathability to your feet.

Polyamide 51%
Recycled polyamide 15%
Acrylic 13%
Merino wool 10%
Polypropylene 7%
Elastane 4%