Nordica Sportmachine 3 95 W GW Womens Ski Boots

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Comfort doesn’t need to come at the expense of performance. Driven by this belief, Nordica’s Sportmachine 3 95 W is designed for women eager to explore the entire mountain. Reimagined to offer even greater power and precision, it features a wider yet low profile 102 mm fit and a softer shell that’s especially forgiving. Yet by offering the most aggressive flex in the Sportmachine collection, it amplifies your confidence and control. Its 3 Force Construction showcases a new spine and cuff design that boosts efficiency by maximizing the transmission of energy to the ski. To create a more neutral stance that improves balance and minimizes fatigue, the Sportmachine’s cuff can be fine-tuned to cradle the contours of your calf. And for a truly personal fit, its shell and liner can be fully customized. Embrace the entire mountain with Nordica’s Sportmachine 3 95 W.


Last: 102 MM



Soles: Gripwalk Extra-Grip


Cuff: PU

Liner: 3D Performance Fit W Primaloft®

Buckles: 4 MICRO ALU

Spoiler: ACP

Power Strap: 35 MM

Canting: DUAL