Mizuno Wave Rider TT Womens Trail Running Shoes

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WAVE RIDER's signature light and smooth running experience for more road to light trail situations.

This shoe has been perfected for comfortable runs on varied surfaces, from roads to light trails. It offers MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM as well as MIZUNO WAVE for enhanced cushioning, energy return, and stability. The Wgrip rubber provides excellent grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

• MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM - MIZUNO ENERZY, which provides amazing cushioning and energy return, is equipped throughout the entire midsole.
• MIZUNO WAVE - In addition to providing both cushioning and stability, the WAVE PLATE supports forward propulsion and smooth weight transfer.
• Wgrip - Wgrip rubber has superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces compared to regular rubber. It provides excellent grip and traction along with an outsole pattern adapted for unpaved surfaces.