Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2 Mens Race Running Shoes

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For runners who incorporate speed runs of 4 minutes or less per kilometer into their daily running routine. This includes both runners who incorporate speed runs as part of their competitive training and those who are not aiming for competitive records.

The shoe is packed with features that support speed running with the correct gait, including the SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST. The MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ material offers enhanced softness at a light weight for the top midsole, while the MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM at the bottom midsole provides cushioning and energy return.

1) SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST Supports runners to use what Mizuno considers to be the ideal gait from the start to finish of races.

2) MIZUNO ENERZY LITE+ Compared to MIZUNO ENERZY LITE, this material that pursues even better softness and a lighter weight is used in the top midsole to support speed running.

3) MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM MIZUNO ENERZY offering amazing cushioning and energy return is inserted in the bottom midsole to support more stable speed running.

4) MIZUNO WAVE Enhances stability during speed running without skimping on softness. The plate extended to the forefoot also supports the effects of the SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST.