Mizuno Wave Horizon 7 Mens Road Running Shoes

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Float through your runs with this shoe loaded with first-class features. It includes MIZUNO ENERZY CORE / MIZUNO ENERZY for soft cushioning and high energy return and a Smooth Stretch Woven to maintain the correct foot position with a soft fit. Stability is enhanced without losing cushioning due to the asymmetrical MIZUNO WAVE and the integrated rubber wall as well as the wide outsole design.

1) MIZUNO ENERZY CORE / MIZUNO ENERZY: You can feel the soft cushioning and high energy return.
2) Asymmetrical MIZUNO WAVE
3) Rubber wall integrated into the MIZUNO WAVE (larger area than the previous model)
4) Wide outsole design: Increased stability without compromising cushioning
5) Smooth Stretch Woven : Maintains the correct foot position during running while softly fitting the foot