Intuition Dreamliner Medium Volume Custom Ski boot Liner

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Intuition liners are thermo mouldable liners constructed of a closed-cell EVA foam giving exceptional warmth and comfort and minimal weight.  Once heated the liner full forms to the foot and lower leg.

Intuition liners are a great option for those looking for improved comfort and warmth, those needing extra volume and support around the lower leg.  They are an excellent option for those with larger calves or suffer from shin issues.  Or those looking to maximise space in the shell of their boot.

At Profeet we stock four different models of Intuition liners depending on requirements.

DREAMLINERS provide increased comfort, warmth, and performance while remaining the closest fit and flex to a typical stock stitched liner. An easy solution to breathe new life into almost any shell, for all levels of skiers and riders. Available in 3 Volumes: HV (High Volume, thickest), MV (Medium Volume), and LV (Low Volume, thinnest), to accommodate a range of shell fits, and features a 4mm sole and a roomy toe box to provide more space for high insteps, arches and wide forefeet. Includes two pairs of removable foam insoles for easy volume adjustments, and room for custom foot beds.

If your shell is a half size, round down for this model.

This model can be worn ‘out of the box’, heat molded with the home fit kit or fit by a professional boot fitter

*Checking Shell Fit

In order to determine the right thickness of liner for you, start by checking your shell fit. To do this, pull the existing liner out of the shell. Stand with your bare foot inside the bare shell, and move your foot all the way forward so that your toes are touching the end. Bend your knee and flex forward a bit so that you can slide your hand or even a pencil into the shell behind your leg. How many fingers can you fit between your heel and the shell?

One finger (1/2”) or less- Low Volume

One – two fingers (1/2?-1¼”) – Med Volume

More than two fingers (1½” +)- High Volume