HEAD Tour 4 Tennis Balls Single Can

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The HEAD TOUR tennis ball, which was developed with the support of professional players, now comes with more sustainable packaging. Thanks to the Dynamic (EN)Core technology, the HEAD TOUR provides great speed and spin, and is the official ball of many tennis federations, clubs and tournaments.

The PREMIUM tennis ball for more SPEED. With its Dynamic (EN)Core technology, the HEAD TOUR provides the ideal blend of speed and spin, making your fast game even quicker. As the official tournament ball of numerous ATP and WTA events, the ball has successfully withstood the world's hardest serves, forehands and backhands. If you are a tournament or club player or looking to improve your game, choose the HEAD TOUR tennis ball. The new, more sustainable packaging uses less plastic and is easier to recycle.

Lively Performance

Optimized Speed

Extended Longevity

Recommended for moderate temperatures and slow clay and hard courts.