Currex HikePro Low Arch Hiking Insoles

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Walking, Hiking or Trekking insoles that will help improve comfort weather you looking to climb and eight-thousand meter peek, a weekend in the mountains, or hills or just a walk in the park.

You are on the road and your feet do extraordinary things. Time for some extra support and comfort. 

Currex HikePro insoles provide dynamic support on long days with luggage. Stabilises your step on scree fields. The materials will also help keeps your foot dry and free and therefore reduce the risk of blisters even in the thickest leather shoes. They also make things more comfortable when you go for a walk with your dog.

LOW ARCH PROFILE: You will observe an excessive drop or collapse of your arch, this motion is often referred to as over-pronation. Low arch feet are often ineffective shock absorbers, too mobile and prone to injury.