Gift Voucher - Signature Custom Shoe Fitting Appointment

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Our signature custom shoe fitting appointment with Custom Insoles

We get you in the best shoe in terms of fit and function before fine tuning with our 100% Custom Insoles. We can also offer this appointment to fit custom insoles to shoes provided by you.

This service is suitable for runners, walkers, sports people and individuals that spend time on their feet and want to increase comfort or improve performance.

  • Our qualified technicians will analyse and identify your key movement patterns.
  • We focus on issues you experience running, training or walking in order to identify the root causes and develop the best custom insole and footwear solution to improve fit and function using custom insoles and the best shoes for your needs.
  • During the assessment we perform:
  •     A Lower leg functional assessment (static and dynamic)
  •     HD video gait analysis – hips, legs, feet and upper body
  •     Dynamic foot pressure scanning
  •     Functional and strength & conditioning exercises where appropriate and helpful
  • Profeet signature 100% Custom Insoles.
  • Footwear selection and fitting from our approved selection of running, tennis and hiking shoes.3 Or insoles fitted to your existing shoes.
  • Profeet Fit Guarantee on shoes and insoles (purchased during the appointment) and a Money Back Guarantee on insoles.
  • 12 Months Validity during which time additional custom insoles can be purchased alone at £149.95. After 12 months a new assessment is required due to possible physical and biomechanical changes.
  • Duration: Up to 55 minutes depending on needs.

The custom insoles can be fitted to shoes purchased separately during the appointment or fitted to existing shoes.

N.B. Voucher excludes running shoes but covers the assessment and custom insoles.