Tecnica Mach1 MV 110 TD Mens Ski Boots

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The all new Mach1 MV 110 TD hits the sweet spot for intermediate to advanced skiers with  mid-volume/medium width feet who want a high-performance boot, without feeling overpowered by stiffer models.

The Mach1 series has established itself as one of the best-in-class all-mountain performance boots, delivering a precise fit, a high level of customization and efficient power transfer. New for this year, the 110 flex is improved with T-Drive Technology, a cuff-to-shell interface that fundamentally improves the boot’s consistency and efficiency with changing temperatures, allowing you to ski longer with less fatigue.

The boot feels surprisingly comfortable out-of-the-box, thanks to the newly redesigned anatomically shaped liner and shell. However with a Profeet Ski Boot Fit we can make the most of the Tecnica’s C.A.S. fit system as well as more advanced customization using our specialist fitting tools to solve any additional fit problems.

Skiers will appreciate the Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell, which efficiently transfers all of your energy directly into the turn.

  • Customisation Liner: C.A.S.
  • Customisation Shell: C.A.S.
  • Soles: ISO 5355
  • Shell: PU - Quick Instep
  • Cuff: Polyolefine- Back Spine
  • Liner: PERFORMANCE- C.A.S.- Celliant®
  • Buckles: Mach1 buckles, Lift Lock
  • Spoiler: NA
  • Powerstrap: 45mm strap
  • Canting: Double canting screwed
  • Gripwalk: Compatible Not Included