Sidas 3Feet Slim High OTS Insoles

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Insoles for every-day wear in street shoes for high arched feet.

They can be used full length and just trimmed to fit in shoes with insoles that can be removed or cut to a 3/4 length for use in dress shoes and shoes without insoles - although this still takes up space in the heel and instep built provides support.

Insoles specially designed for mid-arched feet. 3Feet® Slim insoles are adapted to low volume footwear. They can also be cut to be used as half insoles.

    Microfibre covering: Comfortable & antibacterial
    Mid-arch EVA shell: Holds the foot and distributes the pressure
    Perforations: Provide breathability
    EVA 2 mm: Thin and cushioned
    Cutting line for making half-insoles