Mizuno Wave Skyrise 3 Womens Road Running Shoes

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Improved with MIZUNO ENERZY CORE, the new Wave Skyrise 3 women's running shoe provides amazing soft cushioning and high energy return, the Skyrise  combine a soft and bouncy MIZUNO ENERZY midsole with XPOP foam in the heel. This combination allows improved cushioning and a soft and bouncy feel. The ENERZY technology in our Mizuno Wave Skyrise running shoes makes them up to 17% softer and 15% bouncier, without losing any stability. Above all you can trust the firm heel cap, which guarantees that you maintain a strong heel retention.The shoes have a wider sole and are one millimetre higher than many of the other Mizuno styles. To offer more cushioning, without losing any stability.

This type of shoe gives you a comfortable and secure run if you have a higher body weight or a very strong heel landing

Weight: 255g 

Drop: 8mm

Stack Height: 37-29 mm