Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Mens Road Running Shoes

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The Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes offer a soft landing and improved bounciness. Shoes that feel like comfortable socks, while maintaining sufficient stability to push your boundaries thanks to the innovative XPOP foam and the ENERZY midsole that offer a softer landing and better cushioning.

A stable base for your running shoes that are even more comfortable than you are used to from Mizuno, because it does not contain the relatively rigid Wave plate found in other models and previous generations.

The Wave Sky running shoes combine the 17% softer and 15% bouncier Enerzy technology with the XPOP foam. An excellent combination which puts together optimal comfort with outstanding flexibility. The added Foam Wave ensures the stability you need to reach goals.

Weight: 310g

Drop: 8mm

Stack Height: 36/28mm