Gift Voucher for Run 3D Pro Assessment

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Suitable for a runner who is comfortable at speeds above 9km/h (5.6mph, 6:40min/km, 10:44min/mile). A runner that wants comparable 3D data for symmetry left to right on all running metrics.

The full comprehensive Profeet fit includes 1 hour of SPORT Assessment information and 1 hour of 3D information:

  • Marker-less 3D tracking
  • Economy rating
  • Stride rating & parameters 
(eg. contact time, forward lean, foot strike position)
  • Joint loading assessment
  • 3D frontal & sagittal mechanical angle assessment of lower limbs
  • Test barefoot & with multiple footwear
  • Technique and S&C advice based on results
  • Full running performance report
  • 18-month SPORT fit validity


Profeet Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions 

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